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Testimonials and Awards

New Fluvial Geomorphic Approach Wins “National” and “Best of the Best” Reclamation Awards

The U.S. Department of Interior (DOI) identified reclamation projects using the new GeoFluvTM approach to land reclamation as the “Best of the Best” at its Excellence in Surface Coal Mining Reclamation Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada (2004) . . . two awards to BHP Billiton’s San Juan Coal Company for reclamation projects designed using the GeoFluvTM approach. OSM’s Excellence in Surface Coal Mining Reclamation Awards recognize outstanding projects that “have established examples for others to follow.” OSM presented San Juan Coal Company a National Award “for achieving the most exemplary mining and reclamation in the country”, and the prestigious “Best of the Best” award for the top project overall.

U.S. DOI/OSM stated that “the grading techniques and channel design used at the San Juan Mine has been called the most innovative reclamation technology that has been developed for western coal mining during the past 25 years. . . a design process based on fluvial geomorphic principles, so the reclaimed topography is more stable, diverse, and resistant to damage from flash flooding than traditional reclaimed land…”

OSM identifies Carlson Software’s Natural Regrade module as ‘TIPS core software’

The intent of the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act (SMCRA) was to combine the mining process with environmentally acceptable reclamation practices.  With the availability of software like Carlson’s Natural Regrade, complex fluvial geomorphic reclamation practices are easy to apply.  Natural Regrade offers a quick method to design stable, natural-acting, maintenance-free post-mining surfaces.

Mychal Yellowman, Civil Engineer, 27 September 2006
US Department of the Interior, Office of Surface Mining

Charles Thomas Division Director Mining and Minerals Division, News Release
2011 Earth Science Achievement Awards Presented To Nicholas Bugosh and Representative James Rodger Madalena

SANTA FE, NM – . . . Nicholas Bugosh received the award for his pioneering contributions to geomorphic reclamation. Initially developed in New Mexico and now being adopted throughout the world, geomorphic reclamation is the process of constructing watersheds on disturbed lands that simulate the relatively stable topography that the erosive forces of nature would eventually form over a very long time. The approximation of natural drainage patterns reduces erosion and sedimentation by creating shorter slopes with correct profiles, and improves the conditions for re-vegetation . . . “The fact that Mr. Bugosh’s work was initially developed on the coal mines in northwestern New Mexico, and is now being adopted throughout the United States and the world is of particular note, and pride, to New Mexicans,” said Charles Thomas, Acting Division Director the New Mexico Mining and Minerals Division.

The new Carlson product, Natural Regrade with Geofluv, looks good. I believe this is exactly the right direction to go in reclamation. As I have said in several publications: “the topography is the foundation for the rest of the reclamation practices.”  Congratulations.

I’m retiring from the University of Denver in June . . . So, you are now the proud and undisputed possessor of the “topographic reconstruction” torch.
Take care,

Dr. Terry Toy

. . . we appreciate all of the help you give us . . . I know that our design . . . working as well as it is . . . speaks volumes to the robustness of your methods . . . the current design . . . is still leaps and bounds more stable than traditional stream reconstructions and reclamation techniques. The Tulsa office of the US ACoE inspected SR-8 last Thursday.

They left with smiles and praise, namely because there was no riprap in the channel, it was functioning as a natural channel would and should, and the landform around it was much more stable than traditional techniques, and also supported the stream. They seemed very happy, indicated that traditional techniques do not work, and that Natural Regrade was the future.

Chip (user requested contact details be withheld)

Coal company gets award for reclamation

Posted at: 11/06/2009 8:49 AM By: The Associated Press

FARMINGTON, N.M. (AP) – The San Juan Coal Company has received a national award from the federal government for a reclamation project at its La Plata Mine in northwestern New Mexico.

The company received the award for exemplary coal mine reclamation because it used the best technology currently available to control erosion and sedimentation and to improve wildlife habitat and other environmental resources.

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Of all the software programs I’ve seen, I’m most impressed with the work and knowledge you put into and results that come out of Natural Regrade. What a great job you’ve done.

Gerry Lannoye

Some GeoFluv Awards:

2015, II National (Spanish) Award on Sustainable Mining and Metallurgy by Restauración Geomorfológica for design made using Natural Regrade

2011 Earth Science Achievement Award, March 2011, Santa Fe, NM

2009, Intermat Silver Innovation Award in Services Category, January 2009, Paris, Franc

2008 USDI, OSM, “The Mid Continent Regional Award” , Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Reclamation, Log Creek Church AML Sites 900 & 2040

2008 Finalist in the Innovation Category at the 2008 Cement Industry Energy & Environmental Awards jointly by Portland Cement Association and Cement Americas magazine.

2008 State of Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, Abandoned Mine Land Division (AML) 2008 AML Reclamation Award Nominee

2004 Dept. of the Interior, OSM “National” and “Best of the Best” Reclamation Awards

2001 Excellence in Reclamation for Innovative Reclamation Practices by New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resource Department, Mining and Minerals Division

2001 Interstate Mining Compact Commission April 2004 Annual Reclamation Award – Honorable Mention