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Civil Road Side Drainage Correction

Runoff & Erosion

A large industrial facility’s access road was graded using conventional road side ditches that intersected many small channels and then collected and conveyed the combined runoff to another point for discharge. The concentrated flows were causing ditch erosion and the discharges were contributing sediment to the receiving streams.

The facility chose to correct both the erosion and sediment discharge problems with a GeoFluv design that also presented a more pleasing, natural view to visitors as they approached this world-class facility.

This roadside ditch was eroding and causing sediment discharges, and was not visually appealing. (Image courtesy of Water & Earth Technologies, Fort Collins, CO.)

Final Result

This view of the same road side area as shown above was taken immediately after grading to a GeoFluv design; notice how much more closely it blends in with the natural landforms. (Image courtesy of Water & Earth Technologies, Fort Collins, CO.)

The consultant provided GeoFluv designs for the roadside area that returned the drainage pattern to a more natural and stable configuration. This provided erosion and sedimentation ‘control’ by returning these landform functions to values similar to natural land in the area, and also provided a much more visually appealing drive for the facility visitors.