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Training – Level Two

Level Two GeoFluv training brings the student through actual project design. The Level 2 Training/Coaching changes from a student/teacher classroom format to a user/coach format. Typically, the user works on an actual project with the coach guiding them as new design challenges arise. There is no set time for completion of Level 2 training because it varies with the user’s skill and necessary project design time, but a user is considered GeoFluv Level 2 trained, and is GeoFluv-certified as such, when they have completed a constructible GeoFluv design.

Editing Runoff

Design editing to improve runoff function is an example of Level 2 training/coaching. A problem area in this draft design on the left (western) valley wall can be fixed using several methods affecting the channel or possibly by editing the sub-watershed ridges in that area to extend their convex length to prevent over-topping and direct the runoff to the channel.