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Dragline Coal Mine Reclamation

Four Corners Mine

A GeoFluv project of 115 acres (46.5 hectare) under construction at a dragline coal mine in the Four Corners area of New Mexico is shown at left (the grayer area is the spoil that is being graded, the brown is natural ground). This GeoFluv design was transferred to the ground using survey and stakes.

Award Winning

The project is shown at right after completion of grading, topdressing, and seeding. This GeoFluv project withstood several intense storms that caused erosion, landslides, and flooding in surrounding lands, but has not required any maintenance since construction. It received “National” and “Best of the Best” in 2004 awards from the U.S. Department of the Interior.

Below another operator has integrated their GeoFluv reclamation design with the mine plan so the the dragline is placing material close to its final reclamation grade as it uncovers the ore to minimize total earthworks and maximize cost savings.