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The fluvial geomorphic approach to designing landforms that are stable against erosion and promote sustainable land development requires that essential landform characteristics are incorporated into the landform and that the characteristics are correctly inter-related for proper function. The GeoFluv approach to landform design uses measurements of these essential landform characteristics of upland areas and ephemeral, intermittent, and perennial stream channels from stable reference areas as input values and integrates them to design a functioning landform.

The GeoFluv landform design method forms the heart of the Natural Regrade computer software module that simplifies and speeds the making of these complex landform designs.

The training programs are developed to fit your needs. The length of the training and format can vary as you prefer, but can generally be grouped into the four levels described below. The training format can be on-site, or the user can travel to a GeoFluv training center, or the training can be internet-based. The training includes testing to verify the student’s understanding and documentation of the training level and hours of training.

Four GeoFluv training levels are summarized below: